Ecommerce System with Online Store

The Dashboard Ecommerce System offers the most complete secure ecommerce system available, including shopping cart, credit card processing, PayPal, inventory management, cross-selling, wish list, gift certificates, gift cards, promo codes, customer address books, customer service, UPS integration and much, much more. The flexible ecommerce system enables you to accept credit cards, checks, money orders, PayPal, gift certificates and 3rd party payment systems. The Dashboard is more than simple shopping cart software - it is a completely integrated e-commerce solution that automates your online commerce from product entry to fulfillment and customer service. The Dashboard's ecommerce software is powerful and flexible enough to handle large number of transactions, yet simple enough for the startup merchant to create an e-store or ecommerce template without the need for technical staff or even a webmaster!

Steps to use it:

  • Switch from your existing shopping cart software to enjoy the advanced features and power of the Dashboard complete ecommerce system
  • Build ecommerce into your website home page, HTML newsletters, micro-sites or partner & affiliate sites
  • Cut your costs by eliminating the need for programming, servers or ecommerce hosting
  • Sell subscriptions and memberships and manage recurring payments using the Subscription and Membership Management system
  • Sell downloads using the Download Management system
  • Sell gift certificates and physical gift cards for use in your online store
  • Offer discounts based on discount groups, promotional codes, Wholesale and Retailer Discounts
  • Integrate with 3rd party accounting systems, including QuickBooks (On Request)

The Dashboard Ecommerce System is designed from the ground up to be easily managed by non-technical staff - one person with no HTML or programming skills can efficiently manage multiple ecommerce websites. For the large, high volume ecommerce website, the Dashboard provides advanced features that allow your team to collaborate and separate responsibilities. Product management, order processing, fraud prevention, fulfillment, marketing and customer service are separated out into intuitive modules, and each administrative action is tracked and logged in a history archive. Technical and design staff have access to even more advanced features, allowing sophisticated product placement, HTML layout anywhere text can be added and integration with 3rd party software and components.

Selling online is an incredibly easy process. Simply add your product via the automated product wizard, define attributes (Listing detailed Specifications of the product), define options (size, color, format, weight, etc.), set inventory levels and create any special processing rules. Once your product is in your online store, the ecommerce system makes order processing an even easier task. All processing is segmented in to an automated workflow based system, including credit card processing, fraud prevention, shipping, order tracking and returns. Your customers will enjoy state of the art customer service, receiving full access to view orders online, reprint receipts and invoices, create customer service requests, track shipments automatically via UPS, check gift certificate and download status, and much more.

Advanced focus Features

Ecommerce System Product Catalog Management

Add Product Wizard

Quickly and easily add products, complete with images, without the need to know HTML. In just one step your product or service will be online and ready to order.

Unlimited Product Attributes(Specifications)

Define products by any number of attributes, such as memory, make, storage, weight, format, speed, etc. Also group the attributes so represent specific set of products for example, electronics, monitor, computer, camera, mobile etc.

Unlimited Product Options

Define products by any number of attributes, such as size, color, weight, format, speed, etc. Charge different prices and assign separate handling fees based on option combinations.

Unlimited Product Categories and Subcategories

Create any number of categories and subcategories on the fly.

Advanced Product Types & Rules

Sell physical products, memberships, subscriptions, downloadable items, printed materials, services, questionnairs and more. The Dashboard applies intelligent processing based on the product type, such as no shipping for downloads.

Bundle Products

Create product bundles, so you can sell multiple products as a bundle on a discounted rate, we call it Bundle Discount.

Cross-sell Products / Suggested Selling / Upsell

Create product relationships and define products to display when customer hits "add to cart" or "check out". Suggested products can be displayed beneath cart information or in a popup window.

Ecommerce System Inventory Management

Maintain Inventory by SKU

The complete inventory management system

Synch Inventory with 3rd Party Accounting Systems

Integrate your ecommerce inventory with your accounting system in real-time or on a batch basis. Synchronize inventory with QuickBooks or any custom accounting system used by your business. This feature is available on request.

Ecommerce System Order Processing

Queue Based Order Processing

The Dashboard Ecommerce software automatically puts orders into intelligent, workflow-based processing queues. This processing system allows you to bulk process tasks like check arrivals, credit card authorization, backorders, shipping and more. The work-flow system also makes it easy to separate tasks by job function, department or physical office.

Automatic Notification Emails

Custom define emails that are triggered on virtually every event within your order processing system, including check arrived, payment accepted, order shipped, product backordered, wishlist sent, download ready and much more. Define rules for administrators to receive emails when orders are placed and ready to be processed.

Configurable Back-order System

The Dashboard allows your ecommerce administrators to split orders into multiple shipments based on inventory availability. Backorders can be adjusted based on how you choose to handle shipping and any additional fees.

Ecommerce System Payment Processing

Accept Multiple Payment Types

Accept credit cards, checks, money orders, PayPal, gift certificates and 3rd party payment systems. The Dashboard ecommerce software allows you to accept multiple payments per order and processes accordingly. Interface with virtually any payment gateway and merchant account for direct deposit of credit card charges to your bank account.

Built-in Fraud Prevention

Integrated CVV (credit card security code) and AVS (address verification) credit card verification. "Last line" credit card capture queue gives administrators final chance to visually verify orders. Flag or block orders from particular countries. Block IP addresses of problem visitors.

Gift Certificates & Gift Cards

Create digital gift certificates for use with your online store. Customers can use any number of times until the entire balance is used up. Bulk export gift certificates to CVS or XML to print physical gift cards to be sent by mail or sold directly through retail locations.

Ecommerce System Shipping & Fulfillment

Complete UPS Integration

Create a UPS account directly through the Dashboard and enjoy real-time shipping features. Print shipping labels directly from your Dashboard system, verify legitimate customer addresses automatically at time of checkout, and allow customers to track their orders in real-time directly via your ecommerce website.

Customer Order Tracking Interface

Cut down on customer service hours by allowing customers to see their order status, track shipping and even reprint old receipts and return forms online.

Ecommerce Marketing & Promotions

Marketing Campaigns

Use the Dashboard's Marketing & Campaign Management system to find and purchase online advertising, create campaigns and track your click-thru's and sales conversions in real-time. See detailed reports that calculate your return on investment (ROI) for each sales campaign you create to easily see where your marketing budget is working best for your business.

Affiliate Management System

Use the Dashboard's Marketing & Campaign Management system to create and track your own online affiliate program. Use the affiliate program to offer incentives to partners, brokers and reseller sites for driving traffic to your site and facilitating sales. Offer flat fees or commissions on sales. The Dashboard reporting system easily provides you click-through's and sales conversions for each affiliate.

Promotional Codes & E-coupons

Create custom promo codes and online coupons to offer percentage off, flat rate off, free item, free shipping or any combination of incentive to entice your customers to purchase while on your site.

Email Management System

Offer promotions and incentives to your customers using the Dashboard's sophisticated Email Management system. Track read rates, clicks per link and more. Use with the Marketing & Campaign Management system for complete performance analysis and sales conversion tracking.

Online Store Shopping Features

Wish List

Allow your customers to create "wishlists" to save products to a list for later purchase or to send to a friend, co-worker or family member to purchase for them. Customers can create wish lists that contain out of stock items (if you allow it) and the Dashboard will notify them when an item returns to inventory.

Address Book

Your customers can create "address books" of multiple shipping addresses to use within your online store. Configure your ecommerce system to allow the address book option, or force customers to ship to the address in their profile.

Send to a Friend

Allow shoppers to quickly and correctly send a product page via email to another potential customer. Use with the Dashboard Incentive & Loyalty system and offer discounts or loyalty points for customers who achieve sales conversions when they email a product to a friend.