Marketing & Campaign Management

Marketing & Campaign Management System :

The Dashboard's Marketing and Campaign management system provides a broad set of tools you can use to promote, market and track results on your website. You can find tips to optimize your site, submit keywords to top search engines, create seardch engine friendly URLs, provide meta tags and meta keywords and other page properties, create automated online sales campaigns and track your ROI with our advanced campaign management system. Whether you're targeting online or offline advertising, the Dashboard will help you streamline and track your results.

Steps to Use It:

  • Optimize your site for search engine placement
  • Add your choice of analytics tool script your self
  • Submit your site with all the top search engines
  • Buy targeted traffic online through our advertising partners like facebook, twitter, etc
  • Create & manage online affiliate programs
  • Analyze the return on investment from your online advertising
  • Track purchase conversions in real-time

The Dashboard provides you with the knowledge and the power to promote your products and services online. Start out by reading the Marketing Tips section, which includes powerful suggestions on optimizing your site for search engine placement, creating content and navigation that is clear and usable, giving appropriate keywords and meta tag information, and finding the marketing tools that are right for you.

Once your site is ready, you can create affiliate programs and purchase online advertising from any of our partners or your own favorite advertising company. You can also use the built-in tools and directories within the Dashboard to launch direct mail or even television advertising campaigns.

With the Dashboard, you can see real-time campaign performance, click-to-conversion ratio, even your ROI on the entire campaign. Quickly learn where your marketing dollars pay off the most so you can optimize your future advertising budgets!

Advanced Core Features:

Search Engine Submission

Drive traffic to your site by submitting your site to all the major search engines. The Dashboard Marketing Tips section will help you optimize your site so that you get the right traffic to the right pages in your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Drive traffic to your site by enjoying our state of the art automatic SEO optimized store.

Advertise Online

The Online Advertising system in the Dashboard takes the mystery out of online advertising and makes it easy for you to advertise online. Learn which methods will work best for your business and view advertisers' pricing in a side by side comparison. Use the Dashboard's quote manager to request quotes automatically from all of our major advertising partners.

Affiliate Program Management

Use the Affiliate Program system within the Dashboard to create pay-per-acquisition programs for your online business! Whether you sell products, memberships, downloads or all of the above, you can create accounts for affiliates, resellers, partners or anyone who wants to sell your products. The Dashboard delivers a monthly commission report that let's you know how much to pay each affiliate. Export reports for use in QuickBooks to completely automate your affiliate program!

Campaign Management

Once your site is optimized and you begin advertising online, the Dashboard is ready to help by organizing, tracking and reporting on your return on investment. The Dashboard Campaign Manager software tracks clicks by campaign, sales conversion ratio, ROI and total sales per campaign.